I am Xi Liu, a PhD student in Geography and Social Data Analytics at Penn State. My advisor is Prof. Clio Andris, and I am part of the Friendly Cities Lab. I am also a graduate affiliate of GeoVISTA Center. Before coming to Penn State, I worked in Geosoft Lab with Prof. Yu Liu and received my Master’s degree from Peking University. I also hold a Bachelor’s degree in GIS from Tongji University with a minor in Economics from Fudan University.

In my studies, I explore data-driven models of human activities to understand cities and solve urban issues. My research interests include urban computing, social/spatial networks, place based data analytics, human mobility, and complexity in cities. Please check out my work on research page, publication page, or Google Scholar. Just email me if you are interested in the research topics or future collaborations.

In my spare time, I enjoy traveling and photography. I also like playing tennis and hiking.